False Advertising (Or Close To It)

What do you consider false advertising? Of course when something that is said in the ad isn’t true it’s considered false, but what about when there is a HUGE drawback that isn’t mentioned; or when a company completely bashes another company for something then completely skips the part where they have the same problem, just not as much. I don’t necessarily consider this "false" advertising, but it is certainly something that should be avoided. Microsoft and Apple (and thousands of others) both do it, and neither would be as strong without it.


This Advertisement (above) states something mentioned by Apple that implies something false. "I run Mac OS X, so I don’t need to worry about your viruses." Statements like these have cause thousands of people to switch to Macs. This implication (that Macs don’t get viruses) is completely false. Macs get viruses, just not as much as PCs. This isn’t necessarily because of better security, it’s because there are millions more people who use PCs. In fact, there are more people running Windows 7 than all versions of Mac combined. A large portion of those millions of people have a lot of experience with a PC, and can therefore generate a virus for it. If Mac had even 10% of the number of users that PC has, there would surely be more viruses. This implication has left many people to not get virus protection (which is offered by many, including Symantec) for their Macs, some of which have gotten a virus.


Apple isn’t the only one guilty for leaving out information. Microsoft has quite a flaw in one if it’s advertisements:

This could almost be considered true "false advertising" mainly because of the statement at the end: "The music never stops." The music most definitely stops: when you decide not to pay anymore. I purchased a Zune Pass for a couple months, and absolutely loved it. A few months (and a couple thousand songs) later, I decided that I had enough music, and would pay again when I needed more. Right when I clicked the "cancel subscription" key, those songs turned into a big pile of wasted space on my hard drive. I could no longer play any of them. This was by far the biggest disappointment Microsoft ever gave me. They have now changed the subscription, allowing you to actually keep ten songs per month, which makes it a bit more gratifying, however this still doesn’t make up for the fact that Microsoft basically ripped off a very large number of people.


~ by pcprefer on November 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “False Advertising (Or Close To It)”

  1. Are you serious? Can you point me to a mac virus that has actually infected a Mac in the wild (not a lab or test setting) ?

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