So recently I’ve been given the opportunity to surf the wave of the social world with Google Wave, and I found this experience to be quite enjoyable. One of the first things I did (after a couple of boring weeks not realizing that there were actually public waves) was set up a public wave for my blog. In this wave, I use a utility known as the yes/know/maybe extension, which, of course lets you answer yes/no questions. My question was very simple: Mac, PC, or Linux? yes=mac no=pc maybe=linux. After a few days, the results absolutely amazed me:

I had absolutely no idea Linux had that much support around the world (or at least around the wave). Some of the comments to this post were:

“Linux all the way”

“I’ve given windows 7 a try, tried mac OSX, both made me feel like my hands were being tied behind my back and I was being forcefed. I prefer the absolute choice of linux.”

“I really think that if someone were to try to use Linux, at least Ubuntu, exclusively, they’d find that they could do what they could in Windows and see that you use an OS for what you need it for and not for anything else.”

I began to question what exactly made Linux so enjoyable. I used Linux (Ubuntu 8.10/9.04) for about 7 or 8 months in the past year, and I never found it to be awesome. It seemed cheap and unprepared to me, however, maybe there’s something I missed. After research, I found these advantages:

Typically there are no viruses. (which was pretty awesome)

Great community support
When I first used Linux, I had many questions, with which my normal tech support couldn’t help me, and their online community is extremely helpful. It is, however, very easy to make yourself look very stupid 😀

Live CDs
If you’re thinking about switching to another Linux distribution, it is really easy to make this decision with a live CD. All you have to do is go to the distribution site, and download the disk image and burn to a disk. After that, simply insert the disk and restart. It’s that simple. When your computer comes back on, you’re running the OS straight from the CD. Though it does run a little slow, it gives a clear understanding of what to expect from this distribution (distro). Here’s a list of all of the Linux distributions from 64 studio to yggdrassil

Way more customizable than anything in Windows or Mac

When I used Linux, I was amazed with the number of ways you can customize it. I had it running beautifully, and looking exactly like Vista. Other times, I made it look just like OS X. Their themes, and theming software is very easy to understand, and everything is legal and free.

Overall, I’m perfectly fine with the system that I currently have, because I have found that when something goes wrong with a system (which does happen on ALL types of systems) PC honestly handles it better.


~ by pcprefer on December 11, 2009.

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