Idea for Windows 8

When I got Windows Vista, I was pretty sure it was love at first sight. I absolutely loved everything about it. It may have been because I had a good system that was capable of running it well. When Windows 7 came out, I was absolutely amazed with everything. It is honestly the fastest PC I’ve ever run. Vista and 7 are both what Microsoft considers minor upgrades. Evolutionary steps to the next OS. What has been codenamed Windows 8 will be what Microsoft considers a revolutionary upgrade. Something that will totally change a user’s experience (hopefully for the better). There have so far been many rumors spreading around including a rumor stating that Windows 8 will offer 128-bit support (though Microsoft has now denied this).

 I’ve recently been questioning what exactly a Mac has on a PC. Mac ships with iLife, which contains many features such as iPhoto, iMovie, and iWeb. But programs such as these are found on a PC as well, either pre-installed or via Windows Live or third party software. Macs don’t typically get viruses. That is something that PC has lagged a bit on. Though PCs don’t have much of a chance of getting viruses, there is still a MUCH higher chance of a PC getting viruses than a Mac. It’s been said that this is only because there are way less Mac users than PC users, therefore there are more people to create and be infected by viruses. But, that should be no excuse. I think that Microsoft should create something that I’ve come to think of as the System Monitor. I think it should monitor every bit of information transferred by internet needs to be monitored constantly. I think that the system should constantly be scanning the hard drive for anything that may be a threat. The hard part would be creating a tool that wouldn’t use very many system resources.

I think eliminating viruses would be the perfect revolutionary feature for a revolutionary upgrade. What I’ve mentioned is simply a rough sketch in my mind. I’m confident that Microsoft can create a similar tool with better functionality that will truly change the user experience.


~ by pcprefer on December 23, 2009.

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