I “Won’t Know What to do with Something That Works All the Time”

One of my favorite gifts this holiday season was an iPod Touch. For the past couple of years, I’ve been a Zune fan, however two broken Zunes have shown me the right way. I may be paranoid, but I’m assuming that when my Mac user friend said “He won’t know what to do with something that works all the time,” he may have been referring to Microsoft products. So, not owning a Mac, I did quite a bit of research concerning bugs in Apple products. If I go out and buy a Mac, will it work all the time, or will I still have a few minor issues now and then? I can’t say for sure whether or not I personally would have a problem, however here are a few things I found.
Many Apple Remote issues
Plex issues
Disk utilities crashes
Problems installing on Macbook Pro
iStat problems
Pro audio with iChat problems
Problems installing on older Macbooks
Deletion of all user data (HUGE uh-oh)

Along with these bugs, many people found many combality issues with their software and external hardware. When I installed Windows 7, the only compatibility problem I had was with my printer, so I spent about 15 minutes finding a driver on the internet. So, I wouldn’t say that an Apple product would work all the time, however I am typing this entire article on my iPod because Internet Explorer decided not to work right today (I’ll write a followup post on why I’m actually using IE soon). Both OSs have their problems, so it’s really just a matter of which has more. Looking at that list and others that I found online, I feel proud to own a PC.


~ by pcprefer on December 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “I “Won’t Know What to do with Something That Works All the Time””

  1. Incorrigible. Did I mention incorrigible? No, nothing works all the time. But, “I’m typing this on my iPod because IE doesn’t seem to be working right now?” …Did I mention hopelessly incorrigible?

  2. I cannot believe this is true!

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