You Get What You Pay For

Whilst bored from what may be the longest Christmas break ever, I decided to conduct a little experiment on which Mac I would like to get. At some point in my life, I would love to own a Mac. I plan on having a top dollar Linux Computer, Mac, and PC. I began with the Mac. I included everything I would like, such as the extra RAM, Logic Express 9, and Aperture 2, and left out the things I don’t really care about, like the Apple remote, iWork, and MagSafe Airline Adapter. All in all, my Mac turned out to be $4,574.95. This is quite a bit of money for just a computer. Technology is supposed to get less expensive and more productive over time, however, it seems as though Macs keep getting more and more expensive.

I then went over to Dell’s website and decided to create one of their computers. I chose Dell because so far, my experience with my Dell has been nothing but pleasurable. My goal was to create a computer for about the same price as the Mac. It was pretty much impossible without purchasing something completely ridiculous like 100 MP3s or movies. I chose things like Adobe Photoshop CS4 (comparable to Aperture 2) and Vegas Movie Sudio 9 (comparable to Final Cut Express 4). Overall the price of this PC is $2,761. This is a little over half the price of the Mac. So when people actually say that their Mac purchase is “worth the price,” is it really worth it to pay $1,813.95 just for a different Operating System? This just seems like careless spending to me.


Macbook Pro with OS X Snow Leopard

Dell Studio 17 with Windows 7 Home Premium


3.06 GHz (maximum)

2.8 GHz (maximum)




Hard Drive

500gb SATA 7200 RPM

500gb SATA 7200 RPM


MacBook Pro 17-inch High Resolution Antiglare Widescreen Display

Glossy widescreen 17.0 inch High Definition display




Music Software

Logic Express 9

Adobe Premier Elements

Photo Editing Software

Aperture 2

Adobe Photoshop

Movie Editing Software

Final Cut Express 4

Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pack


Protection Plan

Dell 2-year Warranty

Dell Online Backup 100GB

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

McAfee SecurityCenter (not needed on Mac)

P.S. I hate to bring money into the issue of Mac Vs. PC, but this is just ridiculous.

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~ by pcprefer on December 30, 2009.

One Response to “You Get What You Pay For”

  1. This is interesting, haven’t checked the h/w specs on the dell to confirm your doing a true apple to apple’s comparison but one thing I think your missing is on the protection plan ensuring the Dell matches to 3 years. Also, is the anti-virus for 3 years? Web cam on the Dell?

    When I have done this using a 15inch MBP against a comparable Dell the 3 year total cost of ownership for the Dell has always been higher without getting into any of the upgrade costs that clearly are cheaper on a MAC than on a PC.

    Must say your the only person I have seen praise Dell, virtually everyone I know who has bought a Dell will never buy a Dell again.

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