Yet Another New Virus Software

I am a strong believer in not buying something just to have to perform maintenance on it. It seems, though, that the more people are using computers, and the more the world is turning to the Internet, the more maintenance is needed on all forms of computer. As I mentioned in a past article, I’ve been using Microsoft Security Essentials for quite a while. One thing that has been a recurring problem, though is that it fails to open automatically at startup. This is something quite vital when it comes to surfing the web. If you don’t have virus software, you are basically begging for everything the web can throw at you. I started to make it a habit to either make sure my security software was running, or to start it manually. I then had a rant in my head that I have every now and then. I’ve taken a liking to calling this rant,”I shouldn’t have to do this.” this rant led to me once again typing I the Google search bar, “Top rated free virus program.” I looked through the searcresults, then headed on over to CNET to check out some reviews. This is when I found program top rated by editor and end user alike: Avast. As much as I’d like to say that Avast has a great philosophical meaning behind it’s name, my scan through the dictionary returned the definition, “nautical.” The first startup afterward was a bit worrisome, considering it halted the login for an in depth scan of the system, but after that, everything is great. It’s constantly scanning, while using only about 1,589k of RAM. It scans all web pages, and warns you of one that has a possible threat. It scans all e-mail that come to any mail client, as well as all messages through instant messaging clients. You can choose its scanner sensitivity, to allow some sites that you know are safe, but that a program might think is dangerous. So far, I’ve only had this software for about a day and a half, and it has been an excellent experience. I will, however, in the future write a follow-up article explaining complete details of my user experience.


~ by pcprefer on December 31, 2009.

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