A Deb a Day 1: Cairo Dock

The Cairo dock is a tool I’ve come to love as a replacement for the bottom panel in Ubuntu. This is a Mac-like tool that docks applications and Plug-ins that help to organize your files, folders, and even most visited websites. To view the installation instructions, click h

Programs disappear in a cloud of smoke when you drag them away from the dock.

ere. It comes pre-installed with a “Shortcuts” button which, when clicked, brings a pop-up menu that displays your commonly visited places (Home folder, Documents, Music, Pictures, etc.). It also comes with a “Show Desktop” button, a workspace switcher, and a “Dustbin” (trash). There is also a Plug-ins pack that you can download which includes many other things, such as “Stacks” which allow you compile common web-sites, documents, folders, a

nd other files into one place. To add programs, you simply drag a program’s shortcut to the dock. To remove a program, simply drag the program away from the dock, and it will disappear in a cloud of smoke.

When a program is open, a black triangle appears under its icon. When a program needs your attention, a shiny blue dot appears on its icon.

Overall, I would say that the Cairo Dock is the best dock for Linux I’ve seen. One problem I found was that it doesn’t allow you to have more than one stack. I’ve dedicated my stack to this series, but I’d like to have other stacks for other activities that I take part in. I’d also like to see a less tedious, quicker installation. It is not difficult at all to install, it just takes a while.

On the lighter side, This is MUCH better than the Panel which Ubuntu uses as default. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone.


~ by pcprefer on January 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Deb a Day 1: Cairo Dock”

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  2. The Stack applet can be launched several times, just righ-click on it, and select “launch a new instance of this applet” 😉

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