A Deb a Day 2: TouchFreeze

There is a problem with many computers to which I never really paid attention until I found the second application in the “A Deb a Day” series. This feature is known as TouchFreeze, and I’ve come to adore it.

How many times have you been typing, and your cursor randomly clicks in a random spot on the page. This is mainly because of bad architecture by the manufacturer of your computer. Your touchpad is too close to your keyboard, and your thumb (If you practice the “Home row” method) slips down, and taps the pad, clicking the cursor either to another spot in your document or completely out of the document, preventing you from typing. I despise this architectural deficiency, however TouchFreeze fixes it. Your mouse is disabled while you’re typing, then reactivates immediately when you’re done. Since I installed TouchFreeze, I have had no more of these annoying situations, and I am proud to say, I almost prefer typing on Ubuntu rather than on Windows 7.

Well the bottom line is that I would definitely recommend this application to anyone. It is a wonderful product, and I can’t imagine typing without it. It can be found in the Ubuntu Software Center by simply typing in TouchFreeze.


~ by pcprefer on January 3, 2010.

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