Mozilla Firefox 3.6

So, I recently began using Mozilla Firefox 3.6, and so far, it is awesome. It has blazingly fast surfing speeds, and much to my appreciation, a much quicker start-up time. If you’ve seen any of my Youtube videos, you may recall me complaining greatly about Firefox’s start-up time.The upgrade was extremely painless (it took about 15 seconds), and I could immediately start using the new browser, without restarting (like required for IE). I absolutely love personas, which are like themes, except they don’t change the browser buttons, just the background picture. I’ve picked out and favorited a few, so that I can change them frequently, which eliminates boredom in the browser. There was, however, one thing that bothered me. I was expecting Firefox to add a Windows 7 jumplist. I love jumplists, and use them quite frequently. Since I often change browsers, I have my most visited websites “pinned” to the jumplists for quick access, but Firefox has yet to take advantage of this excellent feature. Other browsers, such as Opera and Chromehave added this feature. Safari added the feature where all tabs show up as a separate thumbnail preview, but has yet to add a jumplist. As far as features go, there aren’t many new ones, however Mozilla really worked on “under the hood” improvements, such as better java script performance. Overall, my experience was excellent.Other than that one problem, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 is definitely a winner in my book.


~ by pcprefer on January 14, 2010.

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