Bing Bar=Major Win

The Bing Bar has many customization options.

I recently downloaded the new Bing Bar by Microsoft, which debuted it’s stable release in early December. It can be used on Internet Explorer or Firefox, and I must say that if I wanted anything to take browsing real estate from my browser, it would be this bar.

The main thing I like about it is that it is extremely customizable, from making the buttons glow, to choosing applications to go on it. It also has a broad range of colors to choose from (9 to be exact). The bar is constantly being updated with new applications available for it. Currently, I see the latest headlines, weather, stocks, Bing videos, emails, and messenger messages. I also have Autofill enabled, which allows you to fill internet forms instantly with just a click of that button, located on the Bing Bar. There is also a shortcut to private browsing, allowing to switch to private in one click.

The Bing Bar, of course, would not be complete without an excellent way to search the web. When you click into the search box, the bar transforms into options allowing you to choose exactly what you would like to search: The web, images, videos, news, and more.

The Bing Bar, not only adds functionality to your browser, but it also enhances security. There is a green check mark on the top right of the browser as long as your safety level is at an acceptable level. When you click on the security button, you can control Pop-ups and phising protection.

Though I thought it was great, there was one thing that I think can be improved. When you click the “Messenger” button, it doesn’t allow you to chat with your friends, it opens Windows Live Messenger. It does, however, show you how many of your friends are online, which may help you decide if you want to sign on.

Overall, The Bing Bar is an excellent addition to the web browser. Its functionality really enhances the browsing experience.


~ by pcprefer on January 16, 2010.

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