Windows 7 Visual Effects….. Blegh.

Since the days of Windows Vista (can you remember back that far?), I’ve always loved what Microsoft has done to make Windows look better. The zooming of windows from the taskbar, the Flip 3-D feature to switch windows, Aero Peek turning my Windows into skeletons to view my desktop. I discovered something this morning, however. I woke up at about five, and by seven, I was vomiting. I have the “epidemic” that attacked a Charleston cruise ship. When I was finished, I felt relatively fine, however the second I opened a window from the taskbar, I felt that nauseaus feeling pushing against the epiglottis, covering my trachea. Once I looked away from my computer screen, I was able to contain myself. After I felt stable once again, I looked once again at my computer screen, and felt fine, then I opened a window, and felt nauseaus. I got curious, so I very quicly opened the window allowing me to change the visual effects. After I closed it, and started using my newly disgusting computer, I felt fine. I could go abot my normal activities (Facebook, Email, etc.) and I could do it fine all day. No longer could I reduce my windows to skeletons to see my desktop, or even see previews of my windows. I can now understand (other than the performance gain) exactly why anyone would want to use the “Windows Classic” theme.


~ by pcprefer on March 3, 2010.

One Response to “Windows 7 Visual Effects….. Blegh.”

  1. I am your big fan.

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