iPad…. Wait, What? …. Oh!

Well, I’ve officially been hired for my first actual job, and I’m already planning on ways to blow my first couple paychecks. I could purchase a new camera, a convertible netbook, or even start saving up for my first car. But, I’ve decided that I want the new “pointless” “redundant” product from Apple known as the iPad. This is coming from the one who wrote an article a couple months ago about how absolutely awful the iPad really is, but after doing quite a bit of research, and using a few in various Apple stores, I’ve decided that I’m madly in love with this device.

Many people consider me quite a Microsoft man, and I am therefore quite skeptical of many Apple devices, and of the Apple company itself. I’ve recently started hating my iPhone 3G, and would be quite ready to get the new 4G, but my contract just started with AT&T, and I would not like to spend $400 now when I can buy one in about a year and a half (right around when the next iPhone will be coming out) for $200. Being a Microsoft man, I was wondering exactly what led me to decide that I absolutely need an iPad in my life, so I looked through the keynote and counted the number of positive words said about the iPad. They are as follows:

Better – 9
Thin – 5
Extraordinary – 1
Best – 11
Great – 19
Phenomenal – 5
Incredible – 4
Awesome – 4
Remarkable – 3
Capable – 2
Gorgeous – 4
Intimate – 1
Fast – 1
Amazing – 3
Powerful – 1
Magical – 3
Bigger – 3
Easy – 1
Simple – 8
Wonderful – 4
Cool – 2
Nice – 4
Super – 4
Terrific – 1
Huge – 3
Smooth – 1
Beautiful – 1
Unbelievable – 4
Unbeatable – 1
Fantastic – 1
Interesting – 1

The overuse of these positive words (when the device is really only very few of these things) is surely the reason why many, including myself, have completely fallen head over heals for the device. Here are the main perks to which I’m looking forward:


Safari on the iPad is quite possibly the greatest feature. You can import bookmarks, passwords, and settings from your browser on your computer, and just like that, your browsing experienced is customized to your preferences. While there is STILL NO FLASH, it does support HTML5, which can single-handedly be the downfall of Adobe Flash. Also, when you want to Bing something, all you have to do is go grab the iPad, and it’s much quicker than waking up your computer (Mac or PC) to do it, and a touch interface (at least on an Apple touch screen device) is much more pleasurable than using a cursor and keyboard. The size of the iPad really lets you take advantage of the full website. On many sites, you can see the entire site, and read the text well without zooming in.


At first, I wondered why anyone would buy an iPad for the photo options, until I found out that there is an extension that allows you to get pictures straight from a memory card or camera. That completely changed my entire perspective on the matter. With this feature, you can completely bypass the computer, and upload pictures to famous sites like Flickr, Photobucket, or Facebook straight from the device. I’d always planned on buying a first generation iPad, then using it as a digital photo frame when the second generation comes out, but now, I’m much more willing to have pictures on it, as well as buy one with a larger memory capacity to hold more pictures. I also learned of a new feature that makes the device go into a picture slideshow when on the lock screen, and with the dock that you can purchase for it, you can have an excellent slideshow going when you’re not using the iPad.


The iPod app on iPad has been completely redesigned from the one on iPhone. It now looks much more like iTunes in how it organizes your music, and I favor this highly over the iPod touch interface for music. When you tap on an album, a smaller window swivels into view, showing a list of songs and you can choose one to play. This is even better than the iTunes interface, by my opinion, because all of your albums are still in full view.


When Apple decided to make a device perfect for reading e-books, I completely forgot my dreams of getting a Kindle, and immediately, the iPad moved into full view. One of the major benefits of getting an iPad for e-books is that you aren’t limited to one manufacturer’s book options. You can get Kindle for iPhone, B&N E-reader, and iBooks on the same device, and therefore triple your library options. Also, no one can deny that the page-turning animation for iBooks is completely awesome.


The iWork application suite is definitely one of my main reasons for wanting an iPad. If I have a project for school, or something, it is much easier to lug around an iPad than to lug around a computer. Pages is an absolutely incredible application for typing Pages, Word, or PDF documents. Numbers is basically a spreadsheet. And, Keynote is an awesome application that allows you to create high-definition, impressive presentations. With an extension, you can plug the iPad into a projector and display your creation straight from the device.

Promising future

One of the most intriguing things about the iPad is the promising future ahead of it. iPad 2G will surely offer one, if not two camera(s), and most definitely printer support. These features combined will be the key to moving from laptops to tablets permanently. I personally believe that printing capabilities may even be available before the 2G. The extension that allows for transfer of pictures from camera to iPad clearly shows that the iPad is capable of interacting with external devices. The fall update for iPad to iOS 4.0, will also be a major step forward with the inclusion of multitasking.

Below are the current prices of iPad and extensions.

16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
Wi-Fi $499.00 $599.00 $699.00
Wi-F- + 3G $629.00 $729.00 $829.00

Keyboard dock – $69.00
iPad dock – $29.00
iPad 10W USB Power Adapter – $29.00
iPad Case – $39.00
Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit – $29.00
iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter – $29.00


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