And here’s the bad part:

Apple communist

Well, I just finished an article complementing Apple on a job well done with the iPad, but they have once again managed to blow my mind with their unprofessional selfishness.

Either you’ve been living under a rock, or you’ve heard about the iPhone 4 reception problems. Because of this flaw, Consumer Reports has decided that they aren’t going to recommend this product, and Apple handled this like they handle all bad publicity: quite poorly.

Just yesterday, six mentions of the review were removed from the Apple message boards. This is comparable to an issue with Google China a few months ago, when Google blocked some information from Chinese users, as ordered by the Chinese government.

I won’t say this often, but Apple has a few things to learn from Microsoft. When Microsoft get awful reviews from Windows ME, they fixed it with Windows XP. Also, no one can deny that after 2 service packs, Windows Vista was quite usable. But even though it’s name was slandered, instead of removing bad comments on message boards, Microsoft came out with Windows 7, which boosted Microsoft’s satisfaction rating above Apple’s, and became the fastest selling operating system in history.

This is the second thing in the past couple weeks that has made me want to throw my iPhone out the window  and never purchase another Apple product again . The first was when information was released that Apple was stealing users’ information with iPhone OS 4.0.

three strikes apple


~ by pcprefer on July 13, 2010.

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