Single Greatest Thing EVER About the iPad.

So, if you ask the people of my household, they will both agree that I rant entirely too much about the iPad, however this rant is actually significant because it states the single greatest thing about the iPad, and possibly the single greatest thing that Apple will EVER allow.

If you are undecided on whether or not you should get the Wifi or the Wifi+3G, this could help you make your decision. With the Wifi+3G, you aren’t required to purchase a data plan for it. If, however, you do purchase a data plan, it’s REALLY simple to do so. You don’t ever have to step foot into an  AT&T store or even talk to any of their horrible associates.

All you do, is go to a page in the settings app on iPad, and you tell it how much you want and your credit card number, and voila! It’s that simple! You can decided you only want it for that month, or you can renew payment each month.

This simplicity has definitely affected my decision on whether or not I want Wifi or Wifi+3G. Because my income is quite random at the moment (Seriously. I don’t even know when I’m getting paid next) the whole “no contract” thing is an amazing feature.

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~ by pcprefer on July 22, 2010.

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