Microsoft Experience Project

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So, I recently needed to reinstall my operating system, and I decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to try out an experiment I’ve been planning for a while called the “Microsoft Experience Project.” Basically, the only programs installed on my computer will be Microsoft programs. I will use them exclusively for one month just to see if my Windows 7 experience gets better or worse. I will post weekly updates, and a random update anytime there is something I need to report. Here are a list of programs I plan to use:

Browser Internet Explorer 8
Music playing/purchasing Zune
Word processor Microsoft Office Word 2010
Spreadsheet Microsoft Office Excel 2010
Presentation software Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010
Messenger Windows Live Messenger Wave 3
Mail Client Windows Live Mail Wave 3
Movie Editor Windows Live Movie Maker Wave 3
Photo client/editor Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 3
Blog editor Windows Live Writer Wave 3

Just to insure that I won’t run into any issues, I will TRY to refrain from using any Microsoft beta software. Internet Explorer 9 Beta is supposed to come out in the next month, so that will be pretty hard.


~ by pcprefer on August 10, 2010.

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