Why I Prefer Microsoft Mobile Devices

As a tech enthusiast, I try to own as many devices as possible. I have a Samsung Focus (Windows Phone), a Zune HD, a couple old computers, I will be getting a tablet soon, and I’m looking to get a Zune 120. So, why are so many of the devices I own branded by Microsoft? Well, I like how they specialize.

I love my Zune HD, and that’s because it focuses on one thing: Music. There are approximately 30 apps for Zune HD in the Marketplace, but I don’t buy an MP3 Player for Apps. I like the fact that it is truly a music discovery machine. If I want to listen to what’s new from an artist, all I have to do is type in the artist’s name in the Marketplace, and without even purchasing, I can listen to all the music I want. I also get an artist bio and any related music to that, as well as a slideshow of the band’s pictures to watch while I’m listening to their music.I’m trading the hundreds of thousands of apps for an excellent musical experience. I’d be willing to bet that the majority of people who have tried both the iPod Touch and the Zune HD just to listen to music would prefer the Zune HD.

I love Windows Phone, because it focuses on the original reason for a phone: Keeping in touch. Right from the start there was immediate Facebook integration that allowed me to write on anyone’s wall, send them a message, or view their Facebook status without even going to an App. This Fall, the social media integration will go even further, when you can use the Messaging hub in the phone to chat with all of your Facebook friends or check in at a location and tag a friend with you. The Fall update (Called Mango) will also allow me to view every way I’ve been in contact with someone. For example, I got a piece of information from a friend, but I can’t remember if he sent me a text, sent it to me on Facebook, twitter, or email. So, I would look at my history with that friend through the phone which shows me every way I’ve been in contact with that friend since I got the phone, allowing me to find the information I need.
Windows Phone also incorporates Zune HD software, and an excellent App Store, which has added 25,000 apps since its start last year. So, I no longer have to choose between having a phone centered around people or apps, because Windows Phone includes both.

Next Year, Microsoft will truly revolutionize the market for tablets by releasing Windows 8. It can be any size the manufacturer wants, have excellent touch technology, and have the option to be productive, something that Apple and Google alike have had a hard time capturing. There will be a touch version of Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and a brand new start menu, which will be the center of attention rather than the desktop.

By adding an excellent Music experience to the MP3 player, a great social experience to a phone, and an awesome productive experience to a tablet, Microsoft has made these devices exactly what I look for. Even if the masses want to use their iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads, I will always choose a Microsoft device, because I want something that’s excellent at what I buy it for, rather than pretty good at everything else.


~ by pcprefer on July 31, 2011.

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