A Couple Gripes about Amazon Cloud Services

So, I’m testing out the Amazon Cloud services in an effort to find more effective ways to store my files, and it turns out that their cloud player does not support WMA files. They must be MP3s, which is rather annoying. It will upload these files, but it will not play them. It has to open Windows Media Player (or any other default media player). Another thing I noticed is that it does not upload metadata. The file has to be named the title of the song, rather than having 01Track01, then just updating the metadata to include a name, artist, etc. I found this rather annoying when uploading the sound recordings from the Wind Ensemble I perform with, as they were WMA, so I had to convert them to WMA, then change the file names of the songs. This took a rather long amount of time. Another thing to note is that all of this will apply to Kindle Fire. If you look at the supported file types, WMA is not on the list. In fact the only music file type is MP3. There are a number of document and video file types, however, they are rather limited with music. Also, much of your music will come straight from Amazon’s Cloud Drive, so the metadata will not be on your Fire either.


~ by pcprefer on December 13, 2011.

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