Metro Google Chrome

When I first installed Windows 8, I was a bit bummed at the fact that I had to use Internet Explorer if I did not want to transition over to the Desktop. Google has, once again, solved all of my problems. When you download Google Chrome onto a Windows 8 PC, not only do you get a desktop version, you also get a Metro version. This was a very welcome surprise, as I did notice quite a few issues in the Internet Explorer 1o release preview, primarily in how objects were presented on web pages. For example, when I clicked on a photo on Facebook, the photo would come up in the background, behind all of the other objects on the page.There were a couple other issues with Internet Explorer, but this was the most prominent.

I also just prefer the general layout of Google Chrome Metro over IE 10 Metro. You do not have to right-click to view your tabs and address bar. They are always on the screen unless you have two windows up, in which case they disappear to preserve screen real estate. 

Overall, this is a great move by Google. The best (by my opinion) web browser has been built for Windows 8 before it is even released. The next step would be adding it to the Microsoft app store. This will ensure that the masses have access to it. While most people know to go to websites to get software now, in the future, most will simply be expecting to just click on the app store for new software.


Update: Just to clarify things. If you go to, and download the latest version of Google Chrome, it will give you a metro version and an Aero Desktop version. You can only use the metro version, however, if it is set as your default web browser. That works the same for Internet Explorer. When you remove it as your default web browser, it will automatically switch you over to desktop mode to use it.


~ by pcprefer on September 19, 2012.

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