My Experience at AT&T This Morning

So, I walked into AT&T, and found a free associate. I walked up to him. He put his hand up and said, “Sign in. I will be with you in a moment.” I then watched as he stared into space for another couple minutes, then walked over to me. “What can I help you with?” he asked. “My phone is broken,” I replied. I then went on to explain what was wrong with my phone. That basically the hardware thought that I was pressing the off button, when I very clearly was not, and that My phone would not stay on for longer than about two minutes. When I told him I was not available for an upgrade until April, he gave me a phone number to call. When I was with Verizon Wireless, all phone claims were taken care of in store. If they could not fix it, they would give me a new phone. I do not expect free things to be handed to me, however, I first had this issue two months ago, and the store in the Dallas, Texas airport was not willing to help either. When he gave me the number, I asked how I was supposed to call them  without a phone, to which he replied, “Every phone on the wall works.” What frustrates me so much is not the fact that he could do nothing for me, it was the he was rude about it. After explaining that I use my phone not only for my personal life, but also for work and school, he said, “Yeah, that’s everybody.” I purchased this phone for the full price of $599.99 because I was not eligible for an upgrade at the time the phone came out, the associate at the store told me that the deductible would be $125. I told him I would not pay that price for outdated technology that I purchased almost two years ago. He then said, “Well, then there’s nothing we can do for you,” and walked away. When I called the number for insurance, they directed me to their website, which I used later to file my claim. My phone should be on its way here Monday morning. After this and all of the other problems I’ve had with AT&T over the past few years (for example, my voicemail not working for the first year and a half owning this phone) there is no way I am renewing my contract when it ends next April. Until then, I will use this outdated technology that I just spent $125 for, because they kind of have me cornered. I really need my phone.


~ by pcprefer on September 23, 2012.

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